Android SDK
  1. Android SDK


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File 8250_pci.h
File a.out.h
File acct.h
File acpi.h
File acpi_dma.h
File acpi_iort.h
File acpi_pmtmr.h
File adb.h
File adfs_fs.h
File adxl.h
File aer.h
File agp_backend.h
File agpgart.h
File ahci-remap.h
File ahci_platform.h
File aio.h
File alarmtimer.h
File alcor_pci.h
File altera_jtaguart.h
File altera_uart.h
Directory amba
File amd-iommu.h
File anon_inodes.h
File apm-emulation.h
File apm_bios.h
File apple-gmux.h
File apple_bl.h
File arch_topology.h
File arm-cci.h
File arm-smccc.h
File arm_sdei.h
File armada-37xx-rwtm-mailbox.h
File ascii85.h
File asn1.h
File asn1_ber_bytecode.h
File asn1_decoder.h
File assoc_array.h
File assoc_array_priv.h
File async.h
File async_tx.h
File ata.h
File ata_platform.h
File atalk.h
File ath9k_platform.h
File atm.h
File atm_suni.h
File atm_tcp.h
File atmdev.h
File atmel-mci.h
File atmel-ssc.h
File atmel_pdc.h
File atomic-fallback.h
File atomic.h
File attribute_container.h
File audit.h
File auto_dev-ioctl.h
File auto_fs.h
File auxvec.h
File average.h
Directory avf
File b1pcmcia.h
File backing-dev-defs.h
File backing-dev.h
File backlight.h
File badblocks.h
File balloon_compaction.h
File bcd.h
File bch.h
File bcm47xx_nvram.h
File bcm47xx_sprom.h
File bcm47xx_wdt.h
File bcm963xx_nvram.h
File bcm963xx_tag.h
Directory bcma
File binfmts.h
File bio-crypt-ctx.h
File bio.h
File bit_spinlock.h
File bitfield.h
File bitmap.h
File bitops.h
File bitrev.h
File bits.h
File blk-cgroup.h
File blk-crypto.h
File blk-mq-pci.h
File blk-mq-rdma.h
File blk-mq-virtio.h
File blk-mq.h
File blk-pm.h
File blk_types.h
File blkdev.h
File blkpg.h
File blktrace_api.h
File blockgroup_lock.h
File bma150.h
File bottom_half.h
File bpf-cgroup.h
File bpf.h
File bpf_lirc.h
File bpf_trace.h
File bpf_types.h
File bpf_verifier.h
File bpfilter.h
File brcmphy.h
File bsearch.h
File bsg-lib.h
File bsg.h
File btf.h
File btree-128.h
File btree-type.h
File btree.h
File btrfs.h
File buffer_head.h
File bug.h
File build-salt.h
File build_bug.h
File busfreq-imx.h
File bvec.h
Directory byteorder
File c2port.h
File cache.h
File cacheinfo.h
Directory can
File capability.h
File cb710.h
File cciss_ioctl.h
File ccp.h
File cdev.h
File cdrom.h
Directory ceph
File cfag12864b.h
File cfi.h
File cgroup-defs.h
File cgroup.h
File cgroup_rdma.h
File cgroup_subsys.h
File circ_buf.h
File cleancache.h
File clk-provider.h
File clk.h
Directory clk
File clkdev.h
File clock_cooling.h
File clockchips.h
File clocksource.h
File cm4000_cs.h
File cma.h
File cmdline-parser.h
File cn_proc.h
File cnt32_to_63.h
File coda.h
File compaction.h
File compat.h
File compiler-clang.h
File compiler-gcc.h
File compiler-intel.h
File compiler.h
File compiler_attributes.h
File compiler_types.h
File completion.h
File component.h
File configfs.h
File connector.h
File console.h
File console_struct.h
File consolemap.h
File const.h
File container.h
File context_tracking.h
File context_tracking_state.h
File cordic.h
File coredump.h
File coresight-pmu.h
File coresight-stm.h
File coresight.h
File count_zeros.h
File counter.h
File counter_enum.h
File cper.h
File cpu.h
File cpu_cooling.h
File cpu_pm.h
File cpu_rmap.h
File cpufeature.h
File cpufreq.h
File cpufreq_times.h
File cpuhotplug.h
File cpuidle.h
File cpuidle_haltpoll.h
File cpumask.h
File cpuset.h
File crash_core.h
File crash_dump.h
File crc-ccitt.h
File crc-itu-t.h
File crc-t10dif.h
File crc16.h
File crc32.h
File crc32c.h
File crc32poly.h
File crc4.h
File crc64.h
File crc7.h
File crc8.h
File cred.h
Directory crush
File crypto.h
File cryptohash.h
File cs5535.h
File ctype.h
File cuda.h
File cyclades.h
File davinci_emac.h
File dax.h
File dca.h
File dcache.h
File dccp.h
File dcookies.h
File debug_locks.h
File debugfs.h
File debugobjects.h
Directory decompress
File delay.h
File delayacct.h
File delayed_call.h
File devcoredump.h
File devfreq-event.h
File devfreq.h
File devfreq_cooling.h
File device-mapper.h
File device.h
File device_cgroup.h
File device_cooling.h
File devpts_fs.h
File digsig.h
File dim.h
File dio.h
File dirent.h
File dlm.h
File dlm_plock.h
File dm-bufio.h
File dm-dirty-log.h
File dm-io.h
File dm-kcopyd.h
File dm-region-hash.h
File dm9000.h
File dma-buf.h
File dma-contiguous.h
File dma-debug.h
File dma-direct.h
File dma-direction.h
File dma-fence-array.h
File dma-fence-chain.h
File dma-fence.h
File dma-iommu.h
File dma-mapping.h
File dma-noncoherent.h
File dma-resv.h
Directory dma
File dmaengine.h
File dmapool.h
File dmar.h
File dmi.h
File dnotify.h
File dns_resolver.h
File dqblk_qtree.h
File dqblk_v1.h
File dqblk_v2.h
File drbd.h
File drbd_genl.h
File drbd_genl_api.h
File drbd_limits.h
File ds2782_battery.h
Directory dsa
File dtlk.h
File dw_apb_timer.h
File dynamic_debug.h
File dynamic_queue_limits.h
File earlycpio.h
File ecryptfs.h
File edac.h
File edd.h
File eeprom_93cx6.h
File eeprom_93xx46.h
File efi-bgrt.h
File efi.h
File efs_vh.h
File eisa.h
File elevator.h
File elf-fdpic.h
File elf-randomize.h
File elf.h
File elfcore-compat.h
File elfcore.h
File elfnote.h
File enclosure.h
File energy_model.h
File err.h
File errno.h
File error-injection.h
File errqueue.h
File errseq.h
File etherdevice.h
File ethtool.h
File eventfd.h
File eventpoll.h
File evm.h
File export.h
File exportfs.h
File ext2_fs.h
File extable.h
File extcon-provider.h
File extcon.h
Directory extcon
File f2fs_fs.h
File f75375s.h
File falloc.h
File fanotify.h
File fault-inject.h
File fb.h
File fbcon.h
File fcdevice.h
File fcntl.h
File fd.h
File fddidevice.h
File fdtable.h
File fec.h
File file.h
File filter.h
File fips.h
File firewire.h
File firmware-map.h
File firmware.h
Directory firmware
File fixp-arith.h
File flat.h
File flex_proportions.h
File font.h
Directory fpga
File frame.h
File freezer.h
File frontswap.h
File fs.h
File fs_context.h
File fs_enet_pd.h
File fs_parser.h
File fs_pin.h
File fs_stack.h
File fs_struct.h
File fs_types.h
File fs_uart_pd.h
File fscache-cache.h
File fscache.h
File fscrypt.h
File fsi-occ.h
File fsi-sbefifo.h
File fsi.h
File fsl-diu-fb.h
Directory fsl
File fsl_bman.h
File fsl_devices.h
File fsl_hypervisor.h
File fsl_ifc.h
File fsl_qman.h
File fsl_usdpaa.h
File fsldma.h
File fsnotify.h
File fsnotify_backend.h
File fsverity.h
File ftrace.h
File ftrace_irq.h
File futex.h
File fwnode.h
File gameport.h
File gcd.h
File genalloc.h
File generic-radix-tree.h
File genetlink.h
File genhd.h
File genl_magic_func.h
File genl_magic_struct.h
File getcpu.h
File gfp.h
File glob.h
File gnss.h
File goldfish.h
File gpio-pxa.h
File gpio.h
Directory gpio
File gpio_keys.h
File greybus.h
Directory greybus
File hantrodec.h
File hardirq.h
File hash.h
File hashtable.h
File hdlc.h
File hdlcdrv.h
File hdmi.h
File hid-debug.h
File hid-roccat.h
File hid-sensor-hub.h
File hid-sensor-ids.h
File hid.h
File hiddev.h
File hidraw.h
File highmem.h
File highuid.h
File hil.h
File hil_mlc.h
File hippidevice.h
File hmm.h
File host1x.h
File hp_sdc.h
File hpet.h
File hrtimer.h
File hrtimer_defs.h
Directory hsi
File htcpld.h
File huge_mm.h
File hugetlb.h
File hugetlb_cgroup.h
File hugetlb_inline.h
File hw_breakpoint.h
File hw_random.h
File hwmon-sysfs.h
File hwmon-vid.h
File hwmon.h
File hwspinlock.h
File hx280enc.h
File hyperv.h
File hypervisor.h
File i2c-algo-bit.h
File i2c-algo-pca.h
File i2c-algo-pcf.h
File i2c-dev.h
File i2c-mux.h
File i2c-pxa.h
File i2c-smbus.h
File i2c.h
Directory i3c
File i8042.h
File i8253.h
File icmp.h
File icmpv6.h
File ide.h
File idle_inject.h
File idr.h
File ieee80211.h
File ieee802154.h
File if_arp.h
File if_bridge.h
File if_eql.h
File if_ether.h
File if_fddi.h
File if_frad.h
File if_link.h
File if_ltalk.h
File if_macvlan.h
File if_phonet.h
File if_pppol2tp.h
File if_pppox.h
File if_rmnet.h
File if_tap.h
File if_team.h
File if_tun.h
File if_tunnel.h
File if_vlan.h
File igmp.h
File ihex.h
Directory iio
File ima.h
File imx-media.h
File imx_rpmsg.h
File imx_sema4.h
File in.h
File in6.h
File indirect_call_wrapper.h
File inet.h
File inet_diag.h
File inetdevice.h
File init.h
File init_ohci1394_dma.h
File init_task.h
File initrd.h
File inotify.h
File input-polldev.h
File input.h
Directory input
File integrity.h
File intel-iommu.h
File intel-ish-client-if.h
File intel-pti.h
File intel-svm.h
File intel_rapl.h
File intel_th.h
File interconnect-provider.h
File interconnect.h
File interrupt.h
File interval_tree.h
File interval_tree_generic.h
File io-64-nonatomic-hi-lo.h
File io-64-nonatomic-lo-hi.h
File io-mapping.h
File io-pgtable.h
File io.h
File ioc3.h
File iocontext.h
File iomap.h
File iommu-helper.h
File iommu.h
File ion.h
File iopoll.h
File ioport.h
File ioprio.h
File iova.h
File ip.h
File ipack.h
File ipc.h
File ipc_namespace.h
File ipmi-fru.h
File ipmi.h
File ipmi_smi.h
File ipu-v3-pre.h
File ipu-v3-prg.h
File ipu-v3.h
File ipu.h
File ipv6.h
File ipv6_route.h
File irq.h
File irq_cpustat.h
File irq_poll.h
File irq_sim.h
File irq_work.h
File irqbypass.h
File irqchip.h
Directory irqchip
File irqdesc.h
File irqdomain.h
File irqflags.h
File irqhandler.h
File irqnr.h
File irqreturn.h
File isa.h
File isapnp.h
File iscsi_boot_sysfs.h
File iscsi_ibft.h
Directory isdn
File isicom.h
File iversion.h
File jbd2.h
File jhash.h
File jiffies.h
File journal-head.h
File joystick.h
File jump_label.h
File jump_label_ratelimit.h
File jz4740-adc.h
File jz4780-nemc.h
File kallsyms.h
File kasan-checks.h
File kasan.h
File kbd_diacr.h
File kbd_kern.h
File kbuild.h
File kconfig.h
File kcore.h
File kcov.h
File kd.h
File kdb.h
File kdebug.h
File kdev_t.h
File kern_levels.h
File kernel-page-flags.h
File kernel.h
File kernel_stat.h
File kernelcapi.h
File kernfs.h
File kexec.h
File key-type.h
File key.h
File keyboard.h
File keyctl.h
File keyslot-manager.h
File kfifo.h
File kgdb.h
File khugepaged.h
File klist.h
File kmemleak.h
File kmod.h
File kmsg_dump.h
File kobj_map.h
File kobject.h
File kobject_ns.h
File kprobes.h
File kref.h
File ks0108.h
File ks8842.h
File ks8851_mll.h
File ksm.h
File kthread.h
File ktime.h
File kvm_host.h
File kvm_irqfd.h
File kvm_para.h
File kvm_types.h
File l2tp.h
File lantiq.h
File lapb.h
File latencytop.h
File lcd.h
File lcm.h
File led-class-flash.h
File led-lm3530.h
File leds-bd2802.h
File leds-lp3944.h
File leds-lp3952.h
File leds-pca9532.h
File leds-regulator.h
File leds-tca6507.h
File leds-ti-lmu-common.h
File leds.h
File leds_pwm.h
File libata.h
File libfdt.h
File libfdt_env.h
File libgcc.h
File libnvdimm.h
File libps2.h
File license.h
File lightnvm.h
File limits.h
File linkage.h
File linkmode.h
File linux_logo.h
File lis3lv02d.h
File list.h
File list_bl.h
File list_lru.h
File list_nulls.h
File list_sort.h
File livepatch.h
File llc.h
File llist.h
Directory lockd
File lockdep.h
File lockref.h
File log2.h
File logic_pio.h
File lp.h
File lru_cache.h
File lsm_audit.h
File lsm_hooks.h
File lz4.h
File lzo.h
File mISDNdsp.h
File mISDNhw.h
File mISDNif.h
Directory mailbox
File mailbox_client.h
File mailbox_controller.h
File maple.h
File marvell_phy.h
File math64.h
File max17040_battery.h
File mbcache.h
File mbus.h
File mc146818rtc.h
File mc6821.h
File mcb.h
File mdev.h
File mdio-bitbang.h
File mdio-gpio.h
File mdio-mux.h
File mdio.h
File mei_cl_bus.h
File mem_encrypt.h
File memblock.h
File memcontrol.h
File memfd.h
File memory.h
File memory_hotplug.h
File mempolicy.h
File mempool.h
File memremap.h
File memstick.h
Directory mfd
File mic_bus.h
File micrel_phy.h
File microchipphy.h
File migrate.h
File migrate_mode.h
File mii.h
File mipi_csi2.h
File mipi_dsi.h
File mipi_dsi_northwest.h
File mipi_dsi_samsung.h
File miscdevice.h
Directory mlx4
Directory mlx5
File mm-arch-hooks.h
File mm.h
File mm_inline.h
File mm_types.h
File mm_types_task.h
File mman.h
Directory mmc
File mmdebug.h
File mmiotrace.h
File mmu_context.h
File mmu_notifier.h
File mmzone.h
File mnt_namespace.h
File mod_devicetable.h
File module.h
File module_signature.h
File moduleloader.h
File moduleparam.h
File mount.h
File moxtet.h
File mpage.h
File mpi.h
File mpls.h
File mpls_iptunnel.h
File mroute.h
File mroute6.h
File mroute_base.h
File msdos_fs.h
File msg.h
File msi.h
Directory mtd
File mutex.h
Directory mux
File mv643xx.h
File mv643xx_eth.h
File mv643xx_i2c.h
File mvebu-pmsu.h
File mx8_mu.h
File mxc_dcic.h
File mxc_mlb.h
File mxc_sim_interface.h
File mxc_vpu.h
File mxcfb_epdc.h
File mxm-wmi.h
File n_r3964.h
File namei.h
File nd.h
File ndctl.h
File net.h
File netdev_features.h
File netdevice.h
File netfilter.h
Directory netfilter
Directory netfilter_arp
File netfilter_bridge.h
Directory netfilter_bridge
File netfilter_defs.h
File netfilter_ingress.h
File netfilter_ipv4.h
Directory netfilter_ipv4
File netfilter_ipv6.h
Directory netfilter_ipv6
File netlink.h
File netpoll.h
File nfs.h
File nfs3.h
File nfs4.h
File nfs_fs.h
File nfs_fs_i.h
File nfs_fs_sb.h
File nfs_iostat.h
File nfs_page.h
File nfs_xdr.h
File nfsacl.h
File nl802154.h
File nls.h
File nmi.h
File node.h
File nodemask.h
File nospec.h
File notifier.h
File ns_common.h
File nsc_gpio.h
File nsproxy.h
File ntb.h
File ntb_transport.h
File nubus.h
File numa.h
File nvme-fc-driver.h
File nvme-fc.h
File nvme-rdma.h
File nvme-tcp.h
File nvme.h
File nvmem-consumer.h
File nvmem-provider.h
File nvram.h
File objagg.h
File of.h
File of_address.h
File of_clk.h
File of_device.h
File of_dma.h
File of_fdt.h
File of_gpio.h
File of_graph.h
File of_iommu.h
File of_irq.h
File of_mdio.h
File of_net.h
File of_pci.h
File of_pdt.h
File of_platform.h
File of_reserved_mem.h
File oid_registry.h
File olpc-ec.h
File omap-dma.h
File omap-gpmc.h
File omap-iommu.h
File omap-mailbox.h
File omapfb.h
File once.h
File oom.h
File openvswitch.h
File oprofile.h
File osq_lock.h
File overflow.h
File packing.h
File padata.h
File page-flags-layout.h
File page-flags.h
File page-isolation.h
File page_counter.h
File page_ext.h
File page_idle.h
File page_owner.h
File page_ref.h
File pageblock-flags.h
File pagemap.h
File pagevec.h
File pagewalk.h
File parman.h
File parport.h
File parport_pc.h
File parser.h
File pata_arasan_cf_data.h
File patchkey.h
File path.h
File pch_dma.h
File pci-acpi.h
File pci-ats.h
File pci-dma-compat.h
File pci-ecam.h
File pci-ep-cfs.h
File pci-epc.h
File pci-epf.h
File pci-p2pdma.h
File pci.h
File pci_hotplug.h
File pci_ids.h
File pda_power.h
File pe.h
File percpu-defs.h
File percpu-refcount.h
File percpu-rwsem.h
File percpu.h
File percpu_counter.h
Directory perf
File perf_event.h
File perf_regs.h
File personality.h
File pfn.h
File pfn_t.h
File phonet.h
File phy.h
Directory phy
File phy_fixed.h
File phy_led_triggers.h
File phylink.h
File pid.h
File pid_namespace.h
File pim.h
Directory pinctrl
File pipe_fs_i.h
File pkeys.h
File pktcdvd.h
File pl320-ipc.h
File pl353-smc.h
Directory platform_data
File platform_device.h
File plist.h
File pm-trace.h
File pm.h
File pm2301_charger.h
File pm_clock.h
File pm_domain.h
File pm_opp.h
File pm_qos.h
File pm_runtime.h
File pm_wakeirq.h
File pm_wakeup.h
File pmbus.h
File pmic_status.h
File pmu.h
File pnfs_osd_xdr.h
File pnp.h
File poison.h
File poll.h
File posix-clock.h
File posix-timers.h
File posix_acl.h
File posix_acl_xattr.h
Directory power
File power_supply.h
File powercap.h
File ppp-comp.h
File ppp_channel.h
File ppp_defs.h
File pps-gpio.h
File pps_kernel.h
File pr.h
File preempt.h
File prefetch.h
File prime_numbers.h
File printk.h
File proc_fs.h
File proc_ns.h
File processor.h
File profile.h
File projid.h
File property.h
File psci.h
File pseudo_fs.h
File psi.h
File psi_types.h
File psp-sev.h
File pstore.h
File pstore_ram.h
File pti.h
File ptp_classify.h
File ptp_clock_kernel.h
File ptr_ring.h
File ptrace.h
File purgatory.h
File pvclock_gtod.h
File pwm.h
File pwm_backlight.h
File pxa168_eth.h
File pxa2xx_ssp.h
File pxp_device.h
File pxp_dma.h
File qcom-geni-se.h
File qcom_scm.h
Directory qed
File qnx6_fs.h
File quota.h
File quotaops.h
File radix-tree.h
Directory raid
File raid_class.h
File ramfs.h
File random.h
File range.h
File ras.h
File ratelimit.h
File rational.h
File rbtree.h
File rbtree_augmented.h
File rbtree_latch.h
File rcu_node_tree.h
File rcu_segcblist.h
File rcu_sync.h
File rculist.h
File rculist_bl.h
File rculist_nulls.h
File rcupdate.h
File rcupdate_wait.h
File rcutiny.h
File rcutree.h
File rcuwait.h
File reboot-mode.h
File reboot.h
File reciprocal_div.h
File refcount.h
File regmap.h
File regset.h
Directory regulator
File relay.h
File remoteproc.h
Directory remoteproc
File reset-controller.h
File reset.h
Directory reset
File resource.h
File resource_ext.h
File restart_block.h
File rfkill.h
File rhashtable-types.h
File rhashtable.h
File ring_buffer.h
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